Saturday, May 16, 2009

Lessons from my Father

1. A sound knowledge of theology is not a prerequisite for walking with God.
2. The prayer “We thank thee, O heavenly Father, for this food (rhymes with good) that thou has provided for us. We ask that thou be with us and ever help us to do thy will. We ask it in Jesus woody (worthy) name, Amen.” pretty much says it all, especially for those who accept Jesus as the bread of life.
3. It’s better to be humble and poor than arrogant and rich.
4. A submissive attitude can quench the flames of wrath.
5. People with mental health issues are worthy of my love and respect.
6. People with intellectual challenges are worthy of my love and respect.
7. People with addictions are worthy of my love and respect.
8. One’s perception of oneself often drives one’s behaviour.
9. Not everyone can wear the same size of shoes and we should never expect them to.
10. We were all created equal. It is never right to be condescending or judgmental.
11. Never let your gender define who you are.
12. On a wet and dreary day a small child or a baby animal is like a ray of sunshine flickering through the clouds.
13. “Dog gone it!” is a valid expression of frustration. The correct response is empathy.
14. If you feel like a boa constrictor who has just eaten a goat, it’s okay; have a nap. Life will still be waiting for you when you wake up.
15. The greatest gift you can give me is to delight in me; however, when you die it feels like a supporting pillar has been knocked out of my structure.

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