Friday, December 31, 2010

Promises Made - Promises Kept

Thirty-seven years ago today Ed made the following promise to me:

I stand in the presence of God and our families on this the eve of our lives together, ready to take you into my company and care, ready to take you as my wife.  I promise to love you, to be faithful to you and to seek daily to grow closer to you as together we experience life's joys and life's sorrows.  I'll be there to listen to your problems, to be understanding, to be a strength to you, to share and pray with you.  I promise my friendship with the prayer that it might continue to grow, that together we may serve God, help others and help each other.  I'll love you and cherish you and live harmoniously with you until separated by death. 

For thirty-seven years Ed has consistently kept his promise.  He is my greatest earthly treasure.  Thank you for loving me Ed.

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