Friday, April 24, 2009

Oblivious Bully Goats

Once upon a time there was a troll. He wasn’t just any troll. He was a very ugly troll. When he walked down the street the other trolls averted their eyes so they wouldn’t have to admit there was anything so ugly amongst them. The poor troll was not able to live in a respectable house in the village but was forced to take up residence under a bridge outside the town limits.
Well there were three little middle class goats who had stripped the land of the nourishment it once had on one side of that bridge. One day they spotted some very tasty looking grass indeed on the other sided of the bridge. There was nothing for it but what they have that grass. They knew that the bridge was home for a troll and they knew they would not get to greener pastures without impacting on his life, but after all, he was just a troll and an ugly troll at that. Who cares about a troll when there is luscious grass to be had. So off went the goats, impeding on the rights of the troll to ensure that their wants were met. You know the rest of the story. The poor troll tried to stand up for himself until he eventually died at the hands of the goats. The goats never gave the troll another thought, but went on their merry way gouging themselves with grass to their heart’s content.

We in the first class nations oppress the poor, weak, homeless, and strangers among us. Additionally, most of us are willfully ignorant to the oppression we cause overseas in poor nations with our consumeristic, capitalistic, and wealthy lifestyles. (Cited from

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